JUNE 26 - 28 2020

A weekend of Jumps, Love and Community!

Since 2016, Gravity Sucks Jam is a Parkour Jam based in Hamburg, Germany that is about Love, Friendship and - of course - Parkour! Last year, more than 300 people from 35 nations gathered in Hamburg for the last Gravity Sucks Parkour Jam to overcome boundaries, borders and obstacles.

We are very happy with how the jam evolved in the past years, especially how it grew so much on an international level, involving people from all over the world. We were impressed how your motivation and dedication made it possible to broaden the event on every level: With fun and diverse activities and interesting workshops and lectures, covering topics from art, sports and music to conflict studies and international Parkour projects.

In 2020, we want to elaborate on that and create more room for recreation, participation and dialogue:


Gravity Sucks 2018 was bigger and even more beautiful than ever before. We could invite so many people from all over the world who came to share their stories, their culture and their views with us, gave us a unique insight into the worldwide Parkour Community and made this one of the most international Parkour Jams in the world. People who would normally never make it to a European event met fellow tracers from other communities, a lot of travel virginities were taken this weekend, friendships were formed and future projects planned.


A huge variety of cultural and sportive workshops made Gravity Sucks about much more than just Parkour. This truly was a weekend of community, of progressing, sharing, healing, learning and playing together, of Love, Peace and Parkour. Without boundaries and with loads possibilities.


Now, we want to let EVERYONE involved know - all the helpers, participants, guests, supporters, friends and family - how grateful we are for this unforgettable experience and for having you in our lives. You make Gravity Sucks feel like a family meeting. You make it what it is.

Tickets are now available


This year, we will have two phases for the ticket-sale: The first 70 Tickets will be sold as EARLY BIRD-Tickets for 39€. After that, we will directly start the LAZY BIRD-Ticketsale for 42€.


Again, the age restriction is set at 16 years. Do NOT come to the event if you are not yet 16 years old.

Terms and Conditions

Every participant has to digitally sign our ‘Terms and Conditions’ in order to participate, or sign them at the entrance. If you are not yet 18 years old, you got to have the ‘Terms and Conditions’ signed by a parent or legal guardian. You can digitally sign our ‘Terms and Conditions’ here: If you DO NOT have your parent’s or legal guardian’s signature, you CAN NOT PARTICIPATE in the event.

Reminiscing About the Past


Check out the official video for Gravity Sucks 2018! Thanks to Clemens and Chris for the filming and endless editing!

Special Thanks To

Overcoming Borders

Thanks for making this possible & bringing so many people from all over the world together. Show them some well deserved love on their Website or Facebook!